Nuthin' but spider eggs.....

Story: I thought SpiderOak could replace Dropbox, but that didn't work for meTotal Replies: 0
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Jul 21, 2012
4:02 AM EDT
Spideroak is a convoluted mess. It broke on me less than two weeks into using it and I got absolutely no help from their support. After browbeating them for a week, they finally returned my money and I now use Humyo (now known as SafeSync owned by TrendMicro.) I actually won a year's 20 gig subscription so it's not like I chose it over any other. Of course it has specialized software that doesn't support Linux but I can still use it via the old fashioned method. A3 (Amazon's cloud offering) is also extremely attractive price-wise so I might look that them if I need to. I had trouble early on with Dropbox but it was more an API simply failed me at a bad time and I haven't bothered with it since.

I agree Steve. SpiderOak is as messy as old spiderwebs and spider eggs under your old tool chest when you move it. As long as you don't move it, you never know...but try to use it and, well, this analogy sucks so I'll stop flailing (failing) at it now.

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