Too bad the next Debian has settled on kernel 3.2

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Aug 21, 2012
4:33 PM EDT
Maybe the Debian developers were a little bit premature locking the next Stable in with kernel 3.2 a couple months ago...

Aug 21, 2012
7:15 PM EDT
3.2 will be maintained throughout the Wheezy cycle by Ben Hutchings, kernel contributor and Debian kernel maintainer. It's also the kernel in the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, so there is quite a bit of interest in maintaining it.

Aug 22, 2012
12:25 PM EDT
Part of Debian's strength is that they don't concern themselves about anyone else maintaining the key pieces of their software. They're prepared to do it themselves.

Aug 22, 2012
1:06 PM EDT
Not exactly the timber with which I was trying to make the statement, but thank you gentlemen for the input.

I'm fully aware of Debian's maintaining kernels in the stable release. I also know just how easy it is to build a newer kernel if desired, in its .DEB package and ready to go.

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