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Aug 25, 2012
10:51 AM EDT
This guy raves on about how he used to get his forecast from NWS and distrusts commercial forecasts (and weather bug). Then he falls for the weather apps great graphics and forgets his original point. Who cares how nice the graphics are if the forecast is lousy? What he should of investigated was the source of the weatherbug forecast. I investigated this (gratis to Lxer readers ;-)) and found it is a commercial forecast based on secret algorithms but using much NWS input.

So these forecasts are closed source and quite possibly untrustworthy. A better source of info is which relies more directly on the NWS. They also have a very nice android app as well. Incidentally the most skillful weather forecast in the US is the NWS not commercial forecasts. People pay money for commercial forecasts because they want fancy graphics not more accurate forecasts.

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