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Story: Mayan GPL Dispute ExaminedTotal Replies: 3
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Aug 30, 2012
6:23 PM EDT
I am going to have to pay more attention to the Powerbase website in general, and to Tom Nardi in particular.


Aug 30, 2012
6:58 PM EDT
Yes it was a much more interesting read.

Aug 30, 2012
11:12 PM EDT
If SAAS is part of the problem, then Mayan should be using an Afero licence rather than GPL. These were specifically designed to protect against "googlization".


Aug 31, 2012
12:33 PM EDT
Good article and as others have said clear and concise.

I to have had these quandaries and have done pretty much the same things mentioned in the article in regards to my own limited small-time software development efforts.

Thankfully unlike Roberto's case my apps are very niche, not popular and therefore no one claims them as their own and sells them on or at least not that i'm aware of.

My sympathies lie with Roberto and this is the best article I have seen regarding these recent events.

Just added the Powerbase to my news source bookmarks based on this one article alone.

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