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Sep 24, 2012
11:44 PM EDT
I have been asked by a few why threads that had not been active for a while showed up as having seen activity when they have not.

Over the weekend we got spammed big time and roughly 30+ threads got hammered and I went into each one and deleted them but with the spam itself posting and then my zapping it triggered the Latest Discussions tool.

It actually helps me become aware of possible spam posts when I see a thread or threads all of a sudden showing activity when the conversations has long since been quiet.


Sep 25, 2012
1:11 AM EDT
what about the method I've proposed, any decision on implementing that?

Sep 25, 2012
8:38 AM EDT
I figured it had to be a spam attack, Scott. Is there any way to reset the thread once the spam has been removed so that it doesn't show as having new content? If not, is there any way to add that functionality?

Sep 25, 2012
11:14 AM EDT
That is a great question jdixon, I will find out.

Sep 25, 2012
12:22 PM EDT
Thanks, Scott, for taking care of it. I know it's a never ending task, and I appreciate your attention to detail.

Sep 25, 2012
12:47 PM EDT
> I will find out.

Thanks, Scott.

Sep 26, 2012
12:29 AM EDT
We have some new site logic now that makes sure that deleted posts are no longer included in the thread ordering.

No more resurrected zombie threads...

Sep 26, 2012
5:41 AM EDT
That will be a big help, bob. Many thanks.

Sep 26, 2012
10:32 AM EDT
Quoting:That will be a big help

Yes, it definitely would be. And Bob, I am not sure what kind of an effort it would be, but I would recommend looking into additional logic for new accounts to pass a grace period, like (random) 5 approved posts or at the discretion of an editor, before immediate posting is allowed/granted. It would be a little annoying to new users but they will understand especially when they realize the purpose, and editors are speedy enough in approving the first five. It would be another queue similar to new articles queue, which editors would check and release posts submitted using new accounts.

I think this will help editors not to constantly worry about deleting spam posts and discourage spammers if it doesn't stop them completely.

Just a thought.


Sep 26, 2012
11:05 AM EDT

I've tried to keep the LXer forums open, unmoderated, and captcha free for as long as possible.

Actually LXer is running several levels of filters and qualifications behind the scenes that have been working quite well. 99% of our forum spam attempts hit the /dev/null bucket long before they ever see the light of the LXer front page. In the last 30 days we have had only two spammers that have actually gotten through. Amazing actually for a widely viewed free and open forum.

Sep 26, 2012
12:13 PM EDT
[very serious]


If your Spam statistics are that good, my vote (if it matters) is to support your predilection for the open with easy access news site.



Sep 26, 2012
1:08 PM EDT
That is amazing, Bob, and I think it's better to not make spam control the users' problem by making them jump through hoops, like horrid Captchas that nobody can read, and half the time don't work. Nice work. Nail 'em at the server. Nasty little blighters, if only we could nail them in real life.

Sep 30, 2012
3:54 PM EDT
Quoting:Nail 'em to the server.

Oct 01, 2012
11:03 AM EDT
That's some seriously effective automated filtering.


Oct 11, 2012
11:19 AM EDT
Quoting:No more resurrected zombie threads..
I thought zombies were all the rage nowadays.

Seriously, bob, nice job on the SPAM filtering. It is very much appreciated.

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