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Oct 09, 2012
4:54 AM EDT
Not much of a review, but SolusOS is my distribution of choice these days. It lets me work the way I've been used to for the last number of years and doesn't get in my way.

In spite of it being Gnome 2.x it's really up-to-date with the kernel and applications.

I'll stick with this until I can't get updates I guess.


Oct 09, 2012
9:57 AM EDT
I have an upcoming post with an indepth interview with Ikey....gets into some personal aspects of his life, how he became a Distro King and what major changes are coming soon to SolusOS and why they will occur. Should be out about the same time as the 1.3 release.

Oct 11, 2012
5:15 PM EDT
I have an upcoming review of Solus OS too, Helios. Probably mine will come out earlier that 1.3. 8-)

Oct 11, 2012
7:26 PM EDT
Yes, but darkduck, you won't install it which will, at best, limit the value of your "review". Helios will do a proper review.

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