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Oct 09, 2012
12:46 PM EDT
at the beginning of the day, Google and MS are american brother companies, same reasons as Red Hat releasing Fedora 18 with everything signed by MS.

Oct 09, 2012
12:59 PM EDT
First, cut the anti-Americanism, please. SUSE is also using the Microsoft key and they are based in Germany. Ditto Canonical (Ubuntu) which is also not American. The reason they went down this road is simple: it's pretty much the only way to insure their distros will work on new hardware. Nationality has nothing to do with the decision and UEFI has nothing to do with Google's decisions. What you've posted is offensive nonsense.

Oct 09, 2012
7:07 PM EDT
Agreed Caitlyn......Although Google's decision is disappointing in one special way, you can see exactly why the company has made it. It was a common sense, pragmatic decision that gave the users a format with which they were familiar and I read nothing into it except that aspect. Sure, it would be nice to see open formats as an option, but that could get messy and Google has opted to keep it simple. Cynically, I'd guess that probably 80% of the users wouldn't even know what open formats were, let alone why they are so important for use. I think we can rubbish tin the suggestion that it was somehow linked to the fact that both are American companies.....

Oct 09, 2012
8:01 PM EDT
I guess I'll be giving the Androids a miss along with the iThings

Oct 09, 2012
9:34 PM EDT
Unsure on that Tracyanne....surely there must be some Android apps that use open formats ? I was only talking about the Google driven apps, but I would hope there were open alternatives for thems as needs them.

Incidentally, I did my usual thing in Brisbane yesterday and dropped into a major Telstra outlet. Talked quietly to the sales people and asked: What's your percentage of Windows smartphones sales......the answer was quiet, simple and stunningly bad if you are a Redmond fanatic: Zero. They said the kids were making Android phones almost walk out the door. Apple wasn't doing too bad, but Android was really moving and Windows was in the "No Sales" department.

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