Awesome! Thanks!!

Story: CODEWEAVERS software free for download for 24 HOURS on OCTOBER 31, 2012Total Replies: 8
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Oct 31, 2012
6:54 AM EDT
I just snagged my copy! Thanks for the tip! Happy Halloween!

Oct 31, 2012
5:21 PM EDT
And the video is worth a chuckle, too.

Somehow, I suspect that CodeWeavers is a pretty good work environment.

Oct 31, 2012
6:56 PM EDT
* Edit *

I just attempted to install this supposedly free and fully functional version of Codeweavers Crossover Linux 11.3.1 over my previous fully paid version (which was version 10) on Sabayon X and I was warned by the installer that I would be "downgraded" to "demo" functionality, would I like to proceed. I cancelled out. Apparently there's some sort of catch to this Halloween version of Crossover. Consider yourselves warned.

Oct 31, 2012
7:20 PM EDT
Quoting:Get CrossOver for FREE now! Here’s how:

1. Sign up using the form below.

2. Once the form is complete, we will provide you a link. You can then download CrossOver and use it immediately.

3. Within the next week you will receive an email from us. Clicking the unique link in that email will create a free 12-month support entitlement on our server. Your support entitlement will give you full access to support and updates for the next year.

Note point number 3 -- does that address your concern?


Oct 31, 2012
7:33 PM EDT
@ BernardSwiss

I did sign up and go through the registration rigmarole. I am just concerned that if I install this new version, I'll somehow lose functionality of my current version, which works great! Based on the wording, it implies that something in Crossover will "phone home" periodically (12 month support entitlement). I'm an advanced user and don't require support per se. What are your thoughts?

Oct 31, 2012
8:20 PM EDT
It's not an issue for me, and I have no idea.

I would suggest that you ask the folks at CrossOver, and get a difinitive answer.

Oct 31, 2012
8:46 PM EDT
Hmmmm.... that's strange.

I've been using linux for so long, I can't think of a single thing I want from M$. Perhaps silverlight for netflix streaming, but appears even codeweavers can't pull that rabbit out of their hat.


Nov 01, 2012
4:40 AM EDT

or Dragon Speak (now just called Dragon) for that the magician has more than a two minute performance.

Dragon is incredible, it works, it learns how you speak, the words and vernacular you use..but only on Windows..period. Only if I had hundreds of dollars (most likely a lot more) to have the code written for me could I make Dragon work on a Linux system..maybe.


Nov 01, 2012
8:46 AM EDT
And, for those of you with kids in orchestra, SmartMusic.

Another Windows and Mac, but not Linux gem.

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