Cute idea, wrong distro

Story: The FSF's Trick-or-Treat Stunt at the Windows 8 LaunchTotal Replies: 0
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Nov 05, 2012
4:44 PM EDT
I think this was a cute marketing stunt and I agree with Kevin O'Brien that taking a lighthearted tone made it all the more positive. Good for FSF. Of course, they had to use an entirely free OS. They chose Trisquel. The only problem with free software purity is that it insures that the distro won't work on a lot of systems where some piece of hardware requires a binary blob or a closed piece of firmware. I undestand their ideology requires this. Sometimes their ideology isn't exactly practical.

I noticed the only seriously negative comment was by hairyfeet. What a surprise! Sorry, it doesn't make the whole community look like losers. However, the comment sure makes hairyfeet look like one.

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