Where do I start to disagree with this pile?

Story: Experimentation vs. Tradition: The Future of Innovation on the Linux DesktopTotal Replies: 0
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Nov 12, 2012
12:19 AM EDT
Well, first the author said both MATE and Cinnamon are based on Gnome2. Wrong. MATE is based on Gnome2 but Cinnamon is based on Gnome3 and replaces Gnome Shell. Then he goes on to say there are traditional UIs which I understand and experimental UIs. Huh? No, there are desktop interfaces and smart phone/tablet interfaces which are very fluid as the technology evolves. Developers are free to experiment all they want on either. I do not see any of the restrictions on development on either the desktop or small screen touch interfaces which Byfield seems to see. I do expect a lot more change in the touch screen interfaces because the technology is newer.

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