So it is better than Gnome and Unity...

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Dec 01, 2012
1:11 AM EDT
That is like being at the head of the desktop environment "short bus". LXDE and E17 both seem like better choices of a DE for gaming as they consume far less resources than KDE does.


Dec 01, 2012
6:21 PM EDT
I agree Jeff and I did some tests myself, using XFCE vs KDE4.

Both with compositor off. I test ran WoW 3.5.5a on Wine under both desktops on LinuxMint, XFCE ran a good 6 fps faster on my lowly dual core Athlon 64 with an Nvidia GF6800.

And when I turned compositor on I could actually see it visually slow down on KDE4.

Would like to use LXDE but until they need to improve dual monitor support (I dont like spanning panels prefer individual panels per screen which LXDE didn't support last time I looked). Its the only thing stopping me using LXDE.

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