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Dec 01, 2012
10:54 PM EDT
Now I can go bang Patraeus in private and burn off my competition in Tampa.

Seriously though I am a bit puzzled by the utilitarian value of this exercise which I am certain is currently being reviewed for holes by the CIA/NSA/???????

Dec 03, 2012
11:04 AM EDT
Irrelevant. All the data packets are being copied and stored for later assembly/decryption.

No need to crack the account when the keystrokes are wide open.

Dec 03, 2012
2:44 PM EDT
"Irrelevant. All the data packets are being copied and stored for later assembly/decryption"

Then people should learn to encrypt their email within a >1MB image file, send that, and we'll just see how long it takes for all that storage space to be filled to the brim. :))

Dec 03, 2012
3:59 PM EDT
Or just use PGP/GPG and encrypt/decrypt locally.

But then the real effectiveness of wiretapping hasn't been the content of the calls themselves, but the fact that these particular people talked at these particular times. Encryption does nothing to stop that kind of information.

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