Not at all sure he's right about RIM

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Dec 17, 2012
2:14 PM EDT
Blackberry may make a comeback for two reasons:

1. The Blackberry 10 OS and phone combo looks and works like an iPhone but with much better security.

2. Thanks to that security it's been reported that RIM may be on the cusp of signing a HUGE contract with the U.S. Federal government. If that happens RIM will be just fine and Blackberries will still be around.

Hinestly, I love my Blackberry so I am rooting from RIM to survive.

Dec 17, 2012
4:03 PM EDT
RIM continues to have the best services for secure business communications and document sharing in the corporate world. For businesses that are concerned with SOX or HIPPA compliance in the US(or similar compliance in other countries) this is a major reason for the continued use of RIM products in the corporate world.

No other mobile phone product offers these features and comprehensively as RIM does. The other products are consumer oriented.

Some products do add mostly equivalent features to iOS and Android phones (Good technology is one we are testing. No report on wether or not it is reasonable.)

Most of the predictions of RIM's demise never mention the mobile device management capabilities companies get with RIM that they do not get with alternatives.

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