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Story: The LINUX TABLET IS THE FUTURE - and it always will beTotal Replies: 1
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Dec 26, 2012
3:14 PM EDT
The author doesn't even recongrnize the existence of Vivaldi, which will run Mer and KDE Plasma Active and will be the true Linux tablet. It will run full flegded Linux OS with desktop applications designed for touch screen interface. When released, it will force others to follow suit because many users would like to have a full fledged OS with desktop apps for occasional use while on the go.

See this Touch-capable KDE-based Plasma Active Linux Ported to Nexus 7 Tablet

And this

And this


Dec 27, 2012
10:20 AM EDT
That's odd because I just looked at my Nexus 7 tablet and it says that the kernel version is 3.1.10 and when I drop to a terminal and issue df -h I can see the disk usage. And then there is this:

The real issue is whether you need a full laptop/desktop experience on a tablet. I don't. That's what my $200 Zareason box on my desk is for.

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