Reporting or Advertising ??

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Dec 28, 2012
3:54 PM EDT
Quoting:'A Brand New Product'

Right in the middle of yet another double Peppermint Penguin, Linux Girl's Tux Phone began screaming. There was fresh news to be covered, and with a hefty twist of mystery, to boot!

"Save the date: Jan 2 -- Ubuntu set to disrupt a new ecosystem," read the urgent message. "Ubuntu will announce a brand-new product."

Luckily for her readers, Linux Girl is always on duty. She donned her mask and a fresh cape and set off for Canonical HQ.

Is this mere diligence on the author's part in duly reporting the story (or the rumors of such) ??

Or does the author's attempt to build anticipation for Ubuntu's ecosystem-disrupting product officially/unofficially meet the approval of Ubunu aficionados and Canonical HQ'ites as part of the latter parties' Ubuntu-advocacy efforts ??

Perhaps there are valid arguments for both.


Dec 28, 2012
4:32 PM EDT
My one word description: hype.

Dec 28, 2012
9:15 PM EDT
Uh, no. I take it as some fact-based reporting, some hype +AND+ some key marketing..... the latter two carried out mostly by the legions of Baboontu fanbois and their $huttleworthless/Bacon overseers, respectively!


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