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Jan 04, 2013
4:33 AM EDT
I have a Google Nexus 7 which is running Android.

Would I want to change the Android over to Ubuntu? I'm not sure about that. I can see the advantages of having a full operating system on my tablet or even my phone but I also like the idea that my phone is for making calls, sending texts and running the odd game.

If Ubuntu could run Android apps then that would make it a more exciting prospect because then you get the best of both worlds but even then is Ubuntu better than Android at tablet/phone style functions?

Maybe if there was a way of dual booting your phone/tablet into android for fun and phone activities and another operating system for computer type functions. Now that is the future. It would have to be easy to do without totally bricking the device as well though.

Jan 04, 2013
8:56 AM EDT
I also own a Nexus 7. From what I have read Ubuntu runs on this device but not at present in a particularly useful fashion. I was hoping Ubuntu would market a dock which you plug a monitor and keyboard into and then run Ubuntu from your tablet in a comfortable fashion. That I would find very useful The tablets are powerful enough CPU wise to run the OS but the interface for a tablet is not suited to a full computing OS.

These docks unfortunately at present are another example of Shuttleware.

Jan 04, 2013
9:33 AM EDT
Quoting:I was hoping Ubuntu would market a dock which you plug a monitor and keyboard into and then run Ubuntu from your tablet in a comfortable fashion.

I agree that would be very useful and in fact, there is such a device already from Motorola. It is called Atrix. Hover over Accessories to see the options.

Now in terms of interface suitable to specific devices, check out KDE Plasma desktop and notebook interfaces, which enable users to switch on the fly to suit whatever hardware/peripherals attached at the time, without having to reboot. There is also KDE Plasma Active, which is still under development for touch screen tablets & phones.

Such things already exist but Ubuntu wants its own interface for business reasons I assume.


Jan 04, 2013
3:32 PM EDT
Ubuntu is in no way ready for general use on the Nexus 7, from what I read.

Jan 04, 2013
7:44 PM EDT

I presume you mean their dock for Altrix. Looks good but of course you are still only running Android. Shuttleworth was promising a dock which when you put your Android device into, started running Ubuntu to the monitor/keyboard. That way you don't need a desktop CPU anymore and can just use your mobile device for all compute/phone/tablet needs. That sort of convergence would be great.

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