We are lucky !

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Feb 28, 2013
8:16 AM EDT
Linus is logical, sane and non corruptible. I wish I could speak out like him all around me. He must declare plainly that he is not depressed, that his car runs perfectly well, that his house has no defects...

And it's not "Linux is at Microsoft's mercy" but those companies playing with fire WILL get burnt !

Feb 28, 2013
11:43 AM EDT
No, we're not lucky. Here's my comment from the IT Wire website:

"First , in principle, of course Linus is right. No dispute there.

The problem with standing up to Microsoft, which you suggest is the proper thing to do, is that key revocations will happen. If you are Red Hat or SUSE or Canonical and your bread and butter enterprise customers run into problems with systems in default state (UEFI Secure Boot turned on) they may not accept the idea that turning off Secure Boot will not make them less secure. You know it, I know it, IT managers? Some will, a lot won't. A lot will believe Microsoft. This plays entirely into Microsoft' hands.

Once again, this is all about vendor lock in and sabotaging a competitor called Linux. Until Linux vendors have enough clout to demand that tier one vendors ship machines with this nonsense disabled out of the box or until Microsoft isn't the only entity signing keys the Linux vendors have to honor that contract, no matter how stupid the contract is. They are caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. Linus' position does not help. Indeed, it could set Linux back in the one place where it is FINALLY making real inroads: the corporate desktop."

So, yes, Mr. Varghese gets his facts straight. He explains the issues and Linus' responses well. The problem with a principled response is that Microsoft has no principles. If they can screw over Linux vendors they will do so at every opportunity.

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