Springdale Linux 6.4 out

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Mar 06, 2013
5:40 PM EDT
So Springdale Linux is the first of the RHEL clones to put out 6.4, at least that I have seen. Has anyone used Springdale(previously PUIAS) before? How does it compare to CentOS and Scientific?


Mar 06, 2013
5:44 PM EDT
I've played with it a little. It's very similar to SL but with very few added packages. Most people don't realize that PUIAS was around before CentOS or Scientific Linux. It's got a long, excellent track record and the folks at Princeton do an excellent job of supporting it. It's old school in that support is mostly by mailing list rather than a forum. From my point of view you really can't go wrong with any of the three Red Hat clones you've mentioned.

Mar 07, 2013
8:33 AM EDT
Thanks Caitlyn, I am going to try it out on an old desktop.

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