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Story: Report: Android is home to 96% of new mobile malwareTotal Replies: 1
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Mar 08, 2013
3:47 PM EDT
"The numbers are for newly detected families of malware only and do not reflect overall numbers found in the wild."

Gee, ya think? In a time when a microsoft fan boy will search for and install all the android malware he can find, and then write an article to say "see how much malware I have on my android?" there's no telling what sort of tomfoolery is being perpetrated by those who desperately want to damage android.


Mar 08, 2013
4:11 PM EDT
I do think it's rather amusing to observe that Android allows third party apps, then see that this leads to a bunch of Trojans being made, and use that berate Android security. It seems to me that proprietary vendors are starting to take the position that "user controlled" is synonymous with "unsecure," and using that as an excuse to remove our administrative privileges from all the new devices they possibly can. Of course, they know that developers and hackers won't buy into this, and there will have to be at least a few devices that are user controlled, but they're hoping to sell the idea to the general public anyway.

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