It's Commies! Run!

Story: Ubuntu to become the official OS of China - an anti-freedom move by Ubuntu? Total Replies: 2
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Mar 27, 2013
2:27 AM EDT
Quoting:Recently, there are two updated news in the Linux world that got my attention. They are "Ubuntu becomes the official OS of China" and "Dr Stallman calls Ubuntu spyware for sending users' search activities to Amazon." And these two news make me feel that Ubuntu is doing something really bad and evil here.
I recently saw two weather forecasts in the city I live that got my attention. They were "shattered showers" and "light southern breeze." And these two forecasts made me think "RUN! RUN! A GIANT TSUNAMI IS COMING TO DESTROY US!"

Mar 27, 2013
6:16 PM EDT
Hey these commies produce ipads in sweatshops so they can't be too bad.....



Mar 28, 2013
5:11 AM EDT
Loosely related, this as making news this week:

And yeah, irony indeed.

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