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Story: The Rise of 'Open Source': It's Not Just About SoftwareTotal Replies: 0
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Apr 27, 2013
9:34 AM EDT
What parallel universe is this woman living in? It can't be the one where Linux based smart phones don't even offer a CLI. Or where M$ creates a OS stifling platform requirement or corrupts a World sized standard organization, or where the RIAA continues to cast its predatory shadow over an entire planet. Can you tinker on yer automobile or disable the tattle-tale devices now common on new vehicles? Watch TV without paying outrageous fees? Re-sell that e-book? Not eat, or even know!, if we are eating GMO foods?

Yes, OSS and its hardware cousins are making progress, but to claim its a new day and we are suddenly free of heavily moneyed commercial interests and the old entrenched powers-that-be are not fighting back --nay, even gaining more control!-- with every nefarious legal and political lobbying dollar they can bring to bear, is simply ludicrous.

From where I sit, the glass is not even close to half full.

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