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May 02, 2013
8:30 PM EDT
I think Ubuntu takes a beating regardless of what features they include. If they release too many premature features, everyone claims the OS is unstable and they are attempting to be new Apple. If they are more cautious with the features included and ensure the OS is stable, many claim Ubuntu is bland and boring. I think this “unremarkable” release is really good.

I used 12.04 up until about a month ago. Then, I realized 13.04 was pretty stable, even in the beta phase. Now, I use 13.04 for everything and am impressed with it's stability. I think it might be the first version of the Unity-era Ubuntu that just gets out of my way. I rarely use the dash. I reduced the size of my dock icons to 22 pixels so I fit everything I need there. Because I rarely use the dash, the online search features don't really affect me. Anyway, just thought I'd put in my two cents. I just think Ubuntu gets a bad rap and I'd like to know if anyone else out in the internetz feels the same way. On a side note, I've used every OS under the sun, including OS X, Windows xyz, Any Linux Distro, Irix, NeXTSTEP, Solaris, BSD... you name it. I think Ubuntu can hold its ground.

May 02, 2013
8:39 PM EDT
Personally, in my opinion, There are some OSes that are better than K/Ubuntu in certain things, but overall as a complete OS, Kubuntu is the best one.


May 03, 2013
8:55 AM EDT
I recently updated to 13.04 basically flawlessly. I use cinnamon rather than unity and it works great. Cinnamon is in the Ubuntu repo now too which is convenient. One thing that caught me was that gnome have dumbed down nautilus so you can't have two panes. I use nemo from cinnamon instead.

May 06, 2013
1:35 PM EDT
I'm happily running ubuntu 13.04 - actually kubuntu and ubuntu-gnome - and both are solidly usable. Still don't care that much for unity - it seems too resource hungry for what it actually provides.

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