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Story: Automatically Resume from Suspend to Ram and Suspend to Disk to Save Battery in LinuxTotal Replies: 1
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May 23, 2013
1:16 AM EDT
Why not just use the "pm-suspend-hybrid" command?

Suspend and hibernation can be combined: the contents of RAM are first copied to disk as with regular hibernation, but then, instead of powering down, the computer suspends. This approach combines the benefits of suspend and hibernation. The machine can resume instantaneously, but it can also be powered down completely (e.g. due to loss of power) without loss of data, because it is already effectively in a state of hibernation. This mode is called "hybrid suspend."

And here's a tutorial on how to set hybrid suspend as default suspend mode: http://daniel.hahler.de/use-hybrid-suspend-method-by-default

May 23, 2013
3:21 AM EDT

Cool link! And a very useful one!


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