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Story: Native Port Of Dear Esther Now AvailableTotal Replies: 0
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Jun 12, 2013
7:26 PM EDT
We have begun purchasing HIB's for our Reglue installs and most developers have given us their blessing to install on multiple machines. They join 2dboy, Frictional and the folks that gave us Osmos in doing so.

Without reading too far into the background of this game, I would guess that they are using the same game engine as the Frictional Games. If I remember right, they did open source that engine so it wouldn't surprise me. It has the same creepy look and feel of Amnesia and the Penumbra series. The sound is superb and even with my antique Nvidia Gforce GT 9800 (at 1 gig) it plays smooth as silk.

I'll wait until I have some extended Me Time this evening and see if it creeps me out as much as Amnesia.

One can only hope.

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