I admire his courage

Story: Small Utah ISP firm stands up to ‘surveillance state’ as corporations cowerTotal Replies: 3
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Jul 11, 2013
9:55 AM EDT
we need more ISPs like this one!

Jul 11, 2013
10:29 AM EDT
I agree. Wish we had a thousand more like him in positions of influence.

Jul 11, 2013
5:50 PM EDT
It seems like Europe and the United States have quite some different definitions of normality. Here in Europe, Edward Snowden is rightly considered like a hero, whereas the US government is considered as infringing some fundamental laws here.

Jul 12, 2013
12:35 AM EDT
Saw that on Arstechnica. Have been using them for internet and e-mail service for over 10 years. Excellent help, staff, & service. This is the icing on the cake.

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