let the lawsuits commence

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Jul 22, 2013
4:08 PM EDT
wonder how long it will take for the lawsuits to commence because you know apple and microsoft invented everything on the earth

Jul 22, 2013
4:35 PM EDT
Or how long before someone hacks them and gets all the userids and passwords, since security has obviously not been high on Canonical's agenda lately?

Jul 23, 2013
8:27 AM EDT
They'll only bother with lawsuits if the phones are some kind of success. It will take a little while for that to happen, if it ever does.

Jul 23, 2013
9:49 AM EDT
Or they could avoid lawsuits by just paying the protection money to Apple & MS up front - like all the Android and some commercial Linux providers already do. The mafia will let you pay to play, as long as they get their cut.

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