Story: DynDNS and ddclient: access your Linux from anywhereTotal Replies: 3
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Jul 29, 2013
9:28 AM EDT
Noip offers free accounts without the hassles dyndns gives you.

Jul 29, 2013
12:13 PM EDT
DynDNS no longer has free accounts, only paid accounts. I don't know if that qualifies as "hassles", I do have a purchased account after using their free service. is the place to go for free personal accounts now.

Jul 29, 2013
12:57 PM EDT
Thanks for that tip.

Jul 29, 2013
1:31 PM EDT
> DynDNS no longer has free accounts,

Right. However, my understanding was that if you already had a free account you could keep it, but that you had to login every month to keep it active.

I had an account with them, but they deactivated it on me.

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