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Aug 15, 2013
8:27 PM EDT
Quoting:And yet all these additions, still keep this desktop on the lower end of resource usage. It sets at around 350-400 MB of memory usage on my machine at idle.

According to htop, a netinstall of Debian 7 with the LXDE desktop idles at 96MB. I guess the author has a different idea of resource usage than I do.


Aug 15, 2013
8:35 PM EDT
compared to something like kde/gnome3 300-400 would be good even so it does seem high for idle. As for me atm I am running vlc firefox and running at 509 on openbox.

Aug 16, 2013
12:44 AM EDT
> I guess the author has a different idea of resource usage than I do.

+1 on that. My KDE 4.10.5 desktop (built from sources on Slackware 14.0) idles at 175 MB.

Aug 16, 2013
11:23 AM EDT
The article says:

Quoting:I am running the LXLE spin of Lubuntu. LXLE is an Ubutu based Distribution running LXDE. But the developer has tuned it up. It runs the compton composite manager, It has areo type window control from the keyboard. Fehlstart for launching applications from the keyboard, a random wallpaper changer with some really nice wallpaper. And a few other added applications and tweaks.

Lubuntu boots up in 180MB idle, Ubuntu Gnome 3 is around 300MB - there must be something wrong with his computer!

Aug 17, 2013
2:19 PM EDT

>- there must be something wrong with his computer!

Yeah, he's promoting a modded form of a Baboontu based Distribution running LXDE. That says it all!


Aug 17, 2013
3:20 PM EDT
I actually installed LXLE on a P4 with 512megs of RAM. It only showed it was using about 80mb at idle after bootup - not bad. I thought is was good for older systems, but had some issues with it on older Intel 845 series graphics. I switched to Zorin Light though, as it did not have any similar issues with the older Intel graphics. Maybe this was resolved sometime after the Ubuntu 12.04 release.

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