this won't help anyone especially prospective newbie

Story: Linux Users Have Luxury of Choosing from Diverse Desktop Options -Total Replies: 2
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Aug 16, 2013
10:45 PM EDT
this is one of those "light pass" slide shows -- and not even well put together. I can't see anyone getting a useful notion about any of these desktops on the basis of these unenlightening pictures and scanty text (My comment here is about as long as the text blurbs accompanying each low-rez screenshot)..

Aug 18, 2013
1:53 AM EDT
Point taken BernardSwiss.....but there is another aspect, and that is that a person who has previously been "welded onto Windows" wouldn't even know these various items exist. In that sense, even a broad based article like this could be useful to trigger some sort of response about a very different world. I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand myself, even though I agree with your general concepts above. One never knows.....even if it gets just one more person out of the Windows prison, the article has been worth it.

Aug 18, 2013
12:37 PM EDT
I would agree with both of you. It does look hastily slapped together and I'm not sure Unity is Ubuntu's "take on GNOME" (or whatever that slide said), though I would side with Ridcully more on the aspect of at least the slide show shows what's out there.

There's always a danger in assuming that the average Windows user is a complete moron. He or she probably isn't, and I think there could be some takeaway from the slideshow (e.g., "Oh, that looks nice" or "That kind of looks what I was using before, so maybe I'll try that").

The road not taken: It doesn't talk about the option of using a window manager, easy enough once you get used to it (yes, spoken like a true CrunchBang user).

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