He posted his IP address.

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Sep 05, 2013
1:46 PM EDT
If anyone is tired of DarkDuck posting stories of zero substance, you have an opportunity to launch a denial of service attack.

Just sayin... =)

Sep 05, 2013
2:31 PM EDT
Or just don't read his articles.

Sep 05, 2013
3:52 PM EDT
As skelband notes, it's easier to lauch a denial of attention attack. And far more painful for DarkDuck.

Sep 05, 2013
4:55 PM EDT

If you read more closely the attribution at the end of the article, it states:

Quoting:This article by Chris Guiver

Dmitry (DarkDuck) didn't show his IP address in the screenshot. Someone else did. IMNSHO, advocating a DDOS on someone because you don't like their articles or point of view is over the top wrong. Doing it publicly is asking for trouble.


Sep 05, 2013
5:46 PM EDT
No one will accuse me of being a fan of "Duck-in-the-Dark". Indeed, I invented a Golden Rule based upon my rendering of that individual's alias, i.e. If ... skip it.

Nonetheless, s/he is entitled to write, publish and even advertise their work despite its perceived deficiencies by not a so small a group who have read his/her outpourings. It may be trash to most of us, but even among the discerning readers some have found valuable, albeit, rare writings of worth under that name.

Blocking from view borders on criminal and when done by the powerful is no more than blanket censorship. I neither ask nor do I think you [in this case, Brow Beater 72] has the right to attack in our name.

So if that is the best you can do, either Go Away or read and observe until you have words of worth and interest.

[In case anyone is confused, there is little humor in these statements, so see "serious" tags here]

Sep 05, 2013
7:47 PM EDT
What TxtEdMacs said.

Give it a rest, already.

Sep 06, 2013
3:40 AM EDT
Dark Duck posts stories contributed by ordinary everyday computer users who share their Linux experiences. I personally like to read these kind of articles.

As TxtEdMacs says blocking in no more than blanket censorship. Think back to the early days of search engines.

You used to have to submit your sites to a search engine and then they would decide whether your site was listed or not. The process took anywhere from 30 days to never (unless you were willing to pay).

Google came along and reversed that and actively went looking for content and listed and categorised as much as it could find.

Which search engine is the one the majority of people turn to?

If you search on Google and an article appears that doesn't take your fancy you just don't read it. Similarly if on LXER, Slashdot, LinuxToday etc you see an article and you don't like the look of it, skip past it.

Just because you don't like something it doesn't mean that other people don't like it.

And of course if you think you can contribute better articles feel free to set up your own blog and start writing.


Sep 06, 2013
7:24 AM EDT

I would add only one clause to your concluding sentence: "or see if it can be posted on LXer". One need not have their own site to publish, others are eager to have contributors to their sites.


P.S. Not really joking here (at least not too much).

Sep 06, 2013
7:49 AM EDT
If anyone still bothers... 1. Yes, this is an article by Chris Guiver, as Darrel (DJohnston) mentioned. If anyone is not careful enough to read the details, how he can blame article to be useless? 2. Chris is aware that his IP is shown. But as this is dynamic, he is not bothered. He wrote this to me specifically. 3. Anyone asking for "denial of attention" attack would probably know that I reside in the UK. Having Melbourne weather screenlet/widget on the screenshot where IP is shown would be very strange for me, wouldn't it? 4. Same as p.3... Anyone who looks at my posts from time to time would know that me and OpenSuSE are incompatible. Why would I place a SUSE's screenshot then???

BR. DarkDuck

Sep 06, 2013
12:06 PM EDT
In the past I've taken issue with the constant DarkDuck bashing on here.

Yes, yes, perhaps I shouldn't read them then and drink my own medicine.

But you see that's the good thing about free speech. I have the right to complain about the bashing with just the same impunity :D

Sep 06, 2013
3:27 PM EDT
My Dearest Duck-in-the-Dark,

Let me elucidate for you why some of us are seemingly derelict in failing to follow your guidelines.

By the numbers:

>> 1. Yes, this is an article by Chris Guiver ...

Quoting: [...] read more closely the attribution at the end* of the article [...]

It may be your site, however, shouldn't the actual author be given prominence, i.e. by listing their name at the start?

>> 1. (again) ... If anyone is not careful enough to read the details, how he can blame article to be useless?

How about past history? And who are you to demand everyone read your (attributed) output with great care when your content does not warrant such respect? In generic terms, there is too much to read or do that one can even hope that even a small subset reads anyone's words with care. At best due to time limits one can expect a cursory reading of the summary, if that proves interesting one might have a scan of the content. For those enthused sufficiently a reading might follow, but that too is not a certainty. A reading in detail with care ... dream on.

[For myself, I will not read your content due to experience where I was scammed by the summaries, the content fell well short of the implicit promise. Due to falling for the bait too many times, I formulated my rule. Later I ceased even to complain, because I trained myself well to avoid any content you published. Perhaps I missed a gem or two, but for me I valued higher the missed frustration than I regretted the potential knowledge loss.]

That is far as I go playing with numbers here, because it would not have occurred to me to attack some one who happened to exhibit private contact information. I guess I am just not that vicious an individual either in text or in person though I can be nasty in either form.

As always,

YBT [aka Your Buddy Txt]

* My setting the bold attribute.

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