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Sep 06, 2013
4:21 PM EDT
Has Kubuntu ever looked different than the stock version of the latest KDE? No. These screenshot tours are a total waste of time on everyone's part unless there's truly something novel a distro wishes to showcase.

Sep 09, 2013
8:12 AM EDT
It may seem that way because we have all seen KDE and what it has to offer.

If you are a Windows user coming over to Linux for the 1st time a screenshot tour may actually be quite useful. (Although a video would be better).

The point of updating the screenshot tours for every release means that the people who have never seen Kubuntu before get to see the latest version and not the previous version (they could of course be very very similar).

There does seem to be a lot of debate on here recently about what should and what shouldn't be posted. You either get lots of articles that are cycled through quite quickly and dismiss the ones you don't want to read or you only get hand selected ones (and who decides what they are?) and the cycling of stories happens slowly leading to stagnant content that everyone has read.

LXer posts more content than LinuxToday and because of that I check LXer more often than LinuxToday.

Sep 10, 2013
5:27 AM EDT
What makes you think that this post was meant to be informative?

lqsh only post to promote his website/business. These pages are generated with minimum effort, and posted here as a SEO exercise.

It is not only lqsh. Most people who post their own pages, as opposed to the posts actually recommended by readers, are not worth reading. Some (e.g. jimlynch) do not bother doing anything more than reposting from others' articles, which have generally been posted here from the originating site. I find it very rare that any self-promoted site is worth looking at.

Sep 11, 2013
4:04 AM EDT
I am going to disagree because obviously I post my own stuff here but I am going to disagree for another reason rather than SEO because I couldn't really care less about SEO.

Take companies that make a product. Simply making a product doesn't work. You need people to be able to see it. Therefore getting the product in the shops is the ultimate way of getting people to see your products.

With websites this is also true. Writing content and just leaving it on your site and hoping people see it isn't going to work.

Writing content and posting it somewhere where other people congregate to see similar articles does work. It isn't so much about getting higher in search engines but more about making your articles available so that people can see them.

How much value there is in any particular article is up for each person to decide.

I personally like reading Jim Lynch's articles and the way he breaks them down. I like Katherine Noyes, Dark Duck, Presanth, Dedoimedo, Var Guy, SJVN etc. All post their own articles.

Sep 11, 2013
1:08 PM EDT
+1 for screenshot posts.

I'm no KDE expert and don't use it, so for that reason alone, any KDE screenshot tour is useful to me.

I do use Xfce, and I can tell you that, for instance, Xubuntu's Xfce looks a whole lot different than Debian or Fedora's. Screenshot posts are welcome -- it's nice to see how the other half sets up the desktop.

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