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Nov 29, 2013
4:53 AM EDT
I truly love openSUSE as my Linux OS. OKay, that to one side, this development is one that I personally approve of. I have never been "cutting edge" oriented; I like things to simply work with the freedom of using what I want to use and the security of the Linux world.

One of the most infuriating things about distributions, to my personal way of thinking, is that they keep on "improving" with new versions - and quite often those new versions do NOT work as well as the ones they are replacing. For example, openSUSE 11.4 remains, in my opinion, as a classic example of how a very, very good version of the OS should work. All aspects of its KDE4 remained simple and effective and I cite two examples: KMail which simply worked with its own password instead of the annoyance of KWallet; and the "My Computer" icon which showed exactly what was going on for a USER.......not a developer. Both items are now, in my opinion, mucked around so much that they are either difficult to get going, or have lost the useful information previously given to the user - especially the My Computer icon which has become almost valueless for daily use. If I could put in a plea to the openSUSE team, take a look at what the icon does in 11.4 and restore those defaults in 13.1.....or whatever.

The Evergreen project keeps these classic versions of openSUSE going for extended periods.:


As you can see, openSUSE 11.4 has been given extended lifetime to July 2014 and I am currently using this version. I had been using 12.3 but got into so much mess over constantly activated hdd chatter that I dumped it and returned to 11.4.

I truly like a version that "just works" and if that means I more or less move very slowly over a few years, that's fine, as long as things continue to "just work". I notice that openSUSE 13.1 is so stable that it is now nominated for the next Evergreen status.....Great.....I have already indicated that I want to look at this new version with respect to KMail........looks like I have even more stimulus, and (assuming I can get openSUSE 13.1 bashed into a form I am comfortable with) the Evergreen situation means that I can keep going with a version I really really like for much longer periods. To me, it's a win in any direction. Am I sorta kinda odd in this respect ? I honestly don't know.....but as I get older, I like "status quo" situations......not bells and whistles.


Nov 29, 2013
1:39 PM EDT
You are not alone. Sadly, it's the way of things. I jes moved up to Slack 14.1 from 13.37. Despite also moving to a slightly faster CPU, I'm experiencing slightly slower performance. Even using fluxbox to eliminate the intolerable bloat of KDE, I've found both Seamonkey and Firefox to have become more of a hindrance than an advantage. FF keeps decreasing user control and SM continues to become more bloated with unwanted (by me) features.

Seems the only place yer "just works" can still be utilized is on the CLI. As long as orgs desire to maintain a stable of developers, those developers will keep on developing, whether we like it or not. :(

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