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Dec 07, 2013
9:13 PM EDT
I tried to install Manjaro and another Arch derivative called Antergos when my Sabayon installation was borked by an update. Unfortunately, and curiously neither live disk would boot on my less than two year old AM3+ hexacore monster. The machine would simply freeze after a point. I don't know if my system doesn't like systemd or maybe just Arch, but I ended up going back to LMDE.

Dec 08, 2013
12:54 PM EDT
But Arch itself is great ! I use it on x86_64 and both natively on ARM and in chroot in an Android tablet. Of course there's no graphical installer, but the installation wiki is quite verbose. What I like most in Arch : it's a rolling release, it delivers bleeding edge binaries, default installation is minimalist, pacman is faster than apt-get, yum..., the forum is quite active, packages include header files - no need to mess with devel packages, AUR packages are easy to build... it just does the job !

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