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Story: Ubuntu Might Replace Windows XP in South KoreaTotal Replies: 2
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Dec 17, 2013
4:04 PM EDT
just do it

Dec 17, 2013
7:25 PM EDT
In the article: " [...] when the time comes [...] ", well it is well past the time to have an alternative, hence, I suspect this is the routine extortion bid that so many others have played. But will it pay off?

It is really too late for any municipality to effectively replace XP with any Linux distribution unless they slide through this year on XP hoping not to be exploited while frantically installing their Linux distribution of choice. See how long it took Munich to get it right. This is sadly pure theater.

"just do it"? It should have been done already. If they are forced to make a forced, rapid change to Linux and other software options, I expect this to be a classic failure and touted by MS how bad Linux and Free Software alternatives really are.

So don't get your hopes up, South Korea is the model of crony capitalism championed a dictator. He was little mourned* when he was assassination by his director of security.

* An over statement, the authoritarian mind set is deeply embedded. Many do miss the happy days where he wiped out a city that dared to protest his rule. Now his daughter is President.

Dec 18, 2013
1:32 PM EDT
People do love their dictators.

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