Here's the problem the entitled SOBs still made over $70 Million

Story: “Shopping cart” patent rolls to a halt at the Supreme CourtTotal Replies: 0
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Jan 15, 2014
10:36 PM EDT
Quoting: Despite its loss, the owners of Soverain—whoever they are—are walking away very wealthy. Soverain collected a $40 million settlement from Amazon back in 2005, and millions more from other companies that settled. Newegg estimates the company's total take was more than $70 million. While Wolanyck is the public face of what she touts as a "woman-owned software company," she is a minority owner. She won't disclose either the extent of her holdings or the identity of the majority owner(s).

And their public statements literally drip with a sense of entitlement and special privilege.
Quoting: Wolanyck's statement concludes: “Our nation’s patent system was created so that inventions could be protected by patents, and patent owners would have the right to license those inventions. It is a travesty that an infringer can wholly fail to meet its burden of proof at trial and then an appellate court can nonetheless invalidate those same patents. It is a tough time to be a patent owner.”

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