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Jan 20, 2014
3:07 PM EDT
Dr. Schestowitz thinks RHEL is "binary-only". That would be in violation of the GPL. From where does he think CentOS get their sources? His paranoia is all too obvious. I'm afraid the NSA has been rather more subtle than simply inserting backdoors in binaries with RedHat's connivance.

Jan 20, 2014
8:38 PM EDT
I am one of the CentOS developers and we are happy to have any and all users.. But I absolutely do not agree with this article.

CentOS is built from the SRPMS released by Red Hat and unless they are releasing SRPMS that are purposely different than the ones used to build their binaries then this is not happening.

It would be technically possible to publish an SRPM that was not used to build the binaries.. But someone would certainly find it.

I would need proof to even give this article a second thought.

Jan 20, 2014
8:48 PM EDT
Also, any exploit that worked on RHEL would almost certainly also work on the same version of CentOS. The only way that would not be true would be in Red Hat purposely added an exploit to their source, built the binaries, and then published an SRPM that did not have the added code. It would have to be a purposely added and hidden back door.

I just do not believe anyone would even attempt such a thing with open source software. It would be too easy to spot.

Jan 21, 2014
6:22 AM EDT
LXer should implement a blacklist (or *PLONK*) function to hide articles by specific individuals. Let's say I activate the blacklist to hide any article written by Roy Schestowitz, Jim Lynch, Dietrich Duck and the other Dark Schmitz, this single operation would increase the site's signal-to-noise ratio by at least 4.000 %.

Jan 21, 2014
9:44 AM EDT
Quoting:LXer should implement a blacklist (or *PLONK*) function to hide articles by specific individuals.

Kiki, I am as frustrated as you but you aren't serious are you?

The only problem with that is each individual has a specific blacklist and that makes it pretty difficult for lxer to tailor for each one. Besides, each person has his own mental filter, we just have to make use of it. It is easier.


Jan 22, 2014
3:04 PM EDT
Well, I meant exactly that. A user-specific blacklist, like in the good old newsreaders like Pan. Every author gets a score, and below a certain point, he or she becomes invisible for the user. No more heartburn, no more trolls, only valuable information.

Now, this shouldn't be too hard to implement.

Jan 22, 2014
6:44 PM EDT
It's been requested before. And turned down before.

Jan 22, 2014
8:19 PM EDT
Sorry about this, it should not have gotten through to the newswire. My apologies everyone. I have removed it.

Jan 22, 2014
9:31 PM EDT
A plonk function is usually not difficult as a technical problem, it's just giving users a tool to control their views of the site. Though LXer is all custom code, so maybe it's not so easy.

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