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Jan 29, 2014
2:04 PM EDT
The irony in removing a tool that helps people make derivatives of your project that is a flipping derivative itself is insane.

I generally like a lot of what Clem/the Mint team do - but this is stupid. Pull your head out of your anus.


Jan 29, 2014
2:28 PM EDT

> I generally like a lot of what Clem/the Mint team do - but this is stupid.

Seems to me that your own Baboon2 derivative, Bodhi Linux, hasn't yet reached the tipping point where you even CAN get away with doing something this stupid. Clem/the Mint team OTOH have already reached that tipping point where they are continually Number 1 in the Distrowatch rankings, and they can now hang way back and be less responsive to their various users' needs. Clem can EASILY get away with ignoring LM users' comments&wishes and removing apps such as mintConstructor exactly as he sees fit, thank you very much!

Sorta like when Baboon2 reaching ITS tipping point awhile back Re: Canyoubecomical's community/project leaders becoming VASTLY less-responsive to the very userbase that made the distro so popular in the 1st place. Jus sayin'......


Jan 29, 2014
9:41 PM EDT
Did you actually read the article?

Jan 29, 2014
11:28 PM EDT
There are lots of tools for making custom respins. I don't get why this one is so important. If it's a trademark issue, then trying to hide mintConstructor won't do much for that.

Jan 30, 2014
5:00 AM EDT
Reading between the lines it seems that the software was pulled because some of the respins chose to use Mint branding and it was deemed that this was detrimental to Linux Mint.

It was a heavy handed approach and doesn't really solve the problem.

Clearly the Mint team only want to get credit and praise for work they are actually involved in and on the flip side only want to be criticised for something that is truly Linux Mint. If another project calls itself Linux Mint Studio and the product is inferior then it might reflect badly on the main Linux Mint product.

Pulling the software won't solve that though. I could easily run the UCK tomorrow, create a distro and called it Linux Mint Thins (Play on words there. Thin as in thin client or Mint Thins ala After Eights. I know flufferbeer likes his puns).

There is already another distro called Peppermint which has nothing to do with Mint that isn't based on Mint and that kind of proves my point.

A better ploy would have been to either contact the people behind the respin and politely ask them to remove the Mint branding or publicly disassociate Mint with the respins or just say that they are respins and nothing to do with the Mint project as a whole.

I therefore agree with Jeff's assessment in that removing a tool that aids derivatives when your own project started as a derivative is insane.


Jan 30, 2014
1:38 PM EDT
> when your own project started as a derivative

It didn't just start as a derivative. It IS a derivative.

They follow the Ubuntu release cycle and use their repos. Sure they add a lot, but they are still very much Ubuntu.

Nothing is wrong with this (Ubuntu provides a very reasonable core). Just saying though.

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