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Feb 05, 2014
1:05 PM EDT
....., if ever, did it change??

Nice howto, but 'man imagemagick' does not get one a man page, at least not on the latest Slackware, where imagemagick has been a mainstay for many years. I gotta use 'man ImageMagick'. Note the caps. When did this change, if ever? For Linux, an OS, where upper/lower case syntax is critical, very sloppy. (the program, not you, TC).

Again thanx for the howto, as I've always been a bit confused by [i|I]age[m|M]agick(?). ;)


Feb 05, 2014
5:37 PM EDT
A pox on camel case!! It's man imagemagick, lowercase, on Debian/Ubuntu/etc.

ImageMagick is an amazing twisty maze. Once you get in it's hard to get out :)

Feb 05, 2014
5:52 PM EDT
> A pox on camel case!!

So, that's what it's called. I never knew it had a formal name. I even use it, on occasion,

That's why I hang, here. May not agree with everything, but I certainly learn a lot. ;)

Feb 05, 2014
6:34 PM EDT
I love the ImageMagick software, don't get me wrong, but another thing that annoys me is how this package pollutes the Linux namespace. Instead of:

imagemagick --convert <file> <file>

you have

convert <file> <file>

I haven't bothered to count how many names ImageMagick has occupied through this approach, but the number is large.

Contrast this to most other Linux utilities that occupy only one top level name and get their granularity with a multitude of options.

I'm just saying.

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