It isn't really that enticing

Story: Dell cooks up an Android PC on an HDMI stickTotal Replies: 2
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Feb 07, 2014
4:36 AM EDT
What does this device give that so many other devices don't.

The price point is $129 yet it runs Jellybean.

I could go for the whole computer in your pocket thing but the fact that it says you still need a micro usb charger to power it makes that irrelevant.

They would be better turning it into a keyring style device and adding a mobile phone battery.

Feb 07, 2014
12:17 PM EDT
I'm not sure how you use it. You plug it into a monitor's USB hub, and then plug your keyboard and mouse into the monitor's other USB plugs (if it has enough)? Then you're good to go? How do you even turn it on?

Feb 08, 2014
6:13 AM EDT
I looked up this device on the Wyse web site. You connect to it via Bluetooth for keyboard and mouse. It has wireless networking, and of course plugs into the TV/Monitor via HDMI. It's basically cloud based computing.

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