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Feb 26, 2014
10:58 AM EDT

My parents Windows XP machine finally bit the dust. I'm replacing it with a Linux system, but having trouble selecting hardware I am comfortable with. Can you help?

Here are the parameters.

- Must run Linux Mint. (Preload not req'd.)

- Interface existing monitor via VGA cable.

- Utilize existing wireless USB keybd/mouse.

- Network with WIFI (802.11 g/n.)

- DVD writer okay, but not req'd.

- Small form factor or mini/NUC preferred.

- 100+GB SSD preferred, HDD acceptable.

- 4+GB memory preferred, 2GB acceptable.

- 2.5+Ghz processor.

- 4+ core processor preferred, 2 core acceptable.

- Budget is $400.

If you point me to the winning system, I'll award you 2000 points*.

Thanks, NoDough

* Points are imaginary and have no value.

Feb 26, 2014
12:35 PM EDT
Take a look at

They have quite a few small form factor Dell units available at reasonable prices.

These are mostly dual core with Windows 7 and come with hard drives rather than SSD's.

You'll also need to add a USB network dongle, but you should save enough to make that worthwhile.

The other refurbished dealer I've dealt with ( seems to have very sparse pickings at the moment.

For a new machine, the only real option I know of would be to build it yourself with a DIY kit from someone like NewEgg. Something like this one:

Feb 26, 2014
2:29 PM EDT
If a Micro Center is within range, check out their packages.

If it were I, I would watch the specials for SSDs, but DO NOT buy OCZ and the recent Kingston deals* are not winners. The former due to poor life expectancy the latter in comparison to the competition performance, though the pricing is fine.

Probably out of your price range, but fourth generation INTEL i5s are speedy and energy efficient. AMD seems to come with cheaper mother boards, but I believe I saw one deal at the top named store for an Intel compatible board that was free with the chip. However, we are talking near $200 for the CPU alone.

* Higher capacity drives in the 240G range.

Feb 26, 2014
7:06 PM EDT
Thanks, guys.

Didn't see anything that caught my eye at piapc or cedarpc. Had already been eying NewEgg bundles. That's a possibility.

Although there's no microcenter nearby, this unit on their web store is a possibility, but I'd like to avoid refurbs if possible.

Will let you know what wins out when I pull the trigger.


Feb 26, 2014
9:25 PM EDT
The LXer page to LinGiz?

I got lost in the specs. You do the math. ;)


Feb 27, 2014
10:40 AM EDT

That mini would be a great solution, but by the time you add a decent processor, RAM, and HDD or SSD, the cost blows the budget.

Feb 27, 2014
4:17 PM EDT
Just purchased this unit on the microcenter web store (same unit linked above.)

The 2000 points* have been awarded to TxtEdMacs. (Use them well, Txt.)

I really didn't want to go with a refurb, but ultimately I was unable to match the specs for the price ($378US after shipping.)

Thanks to all for your help.


* Still imaginary and valueless.

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