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Story: Meeting Windows User Expectations With LinuxTotal Replies: 0
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Mar 25, 2014
12:20 PM EDT
Quoting:Those of us who use Linux as our main operating system are insulated from this problem. A smaller number of us may be trying to help others wean themselves from Microsoft Windows entirely. The first thing some of us do is search for one of the more user friendly distros. A few of these distros claim to mimic one or more of the Microsoft operating systems.

Whichever distros can best "mimic one or more of the Microsoft operating systems", there will almost always be certain Windows applications that make or break any effective and complete weaning-away from Windows. As mentioned in a concurrent thread, another viable scenario to resolve this key impediment is to use Wine running under Linux for such applications.

Even though Wine may never be entirely suitable for running certain Windows apps under Linux (am thinking of some popular, non-ported Windows games here), perhaps Wine can be transparently and most effectively used under Linux by those very "keepers of our health and wealth [who] are running an operating system that will give in faster than a drunk debutante on prom night", as the author writes.

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