not a fan of codemasters

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May 06, 2014
3:45 AM EDT
I used to love all the codemasters games on the Sinclair Spectrum.... BMX simulator, Grand Prix Simulator, Dizzy etc. Most other software publishers and developers for the Spectrum have allowed the free download of them for use on Spectrum emulators.

Codemasters won't allow their games to be downloaded, yet they won't sell them either. Why not?

May 06, 2014
12:10 PM EDT
Used to play a lot of Dizzy on my Spectrums back in the day still have my old Speccy 48k and Speccy 128 +2 stored at my parents place back in Scotland as I didnt take them with me when I moved to the USA.

Dizzy I think was the only Codemasters game I had as I spent most of my time with Elite and various text adventures.

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