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Story: Apple CEO Cook lashes out at Android's 'hellstew' of malwareTotal Replies: 5
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Jun 03, 2014
10:58 AM EDT
Of course Android has more malware. It gives users much more freedom to do what they want, and that includes the freedom to install malware. It's unfortunate that so many people seem to want to install malware.

Jun 03, 2014
1:16 PM EDT
This brings to mind a recent experience. I've finally joined the 21st century and gotten a smartphone. It is, of course, an Android phone ( for those interested).

So I was looking for a freecell game for it. And lo and behold, all the popular freecell games wanted all kinds of access. They all wanted network access at a minimum, and the worst added half a dozen other requirements. Needless to say, I didn't install any of them. I finally found Solitaire NG (, and being open source it didn't request any additional access. While it's probably not the best solitaire/freecell game out there, I find it more than acceptable, and I don't have to worry about what else it may be doing on my phone.


Jun 03, 2014
3:34 PM EDT
For solitaire???!!!

D@mn! I smell an article, right there.

Jun 04, 2014
11:53 AM EDT
Thanks, JD, and I couldn't agree more.

Jun 05, 2014
6:54 PM EDT
I got a kick out of the statement, "And a better life".

I got news for you ppl. If the quality of your life hinges on whether or not you have/use a smartphone, you are truly one sad soul! ;)

Jun 05, 2014
7:04 PM EDT
Just give me a cerebral connection to DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, and Google, and I'll leave everybody alone.

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