What has this got to do with Linux?

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Aug 01, 2014
5:18 AM EDT
It just looks like a publisher advertising a new product. There does not seem to be any connection with Linux...

Aug 01, 2014
8:01 AM EDT

While I agree the actual post looks like an advertisement it purports to show a new publication with in depth knowledge on a number of topics that would have to be extensively researched. Many of us have wider interests than just those pertaining to Linux. Wikipedia alone is not a reliable substitute. There was a story of a lark edit by a couple of addled youths that inserted bogus details into a story about a children's book author that instead of being caught were implicitly cited as fact. Thus, well done research has value and can interest many who visit this site.

On the other side of the argument, many stories listed here while explicitly related to Linux do not suffice by either their view or inherent quality to be raised to interest every LXer visitor or editor. Nonetheless, they are listed for those that might miss them. Therefore, reader discretion is advised, set up your own criteria and read only what is of value to yourself.

This item is not a spam insert. However, it does not mean the final product will not fall short of its promise.


As always,


* a.k.a. == Your Buddy Txt.

Aug 01, 2014
3:20 PM EDT
Learning 'how it works" is the first step to "make it work better." Hence things like the Raspberry Pi. As I pointed out in my review, tomorrow's computers and peripherals won't design themselves.

Aug 01, 2014
6:35 PM EDT
Quoting:Grab the first issue now – ‘History of the World’ – from all good retailers or order from our online store. iPad reader? You can download from iTunes as well.

To make sure you don’t miss a single issue, subscribe now and save up to 50%.

What's not to understand?

Aug 02, 2014
12:17 PM EDT
> This item is not a spam insert.

It certainly looks like spam, to me!! I see nothing about Linux, anywhere. Besides having zero to do with Linux, they are providing only a link to give them money for a book format that became popular and eventually died out almost three decades ago. .

What's even scarier is the fact it was posted by Scott R., LXer's "editor-in-chief", a staff member I thought was one of the in-house barriers to this sort of money grubbing come-on. We've seen far too many posts from this particular commercial enterprise that are blatant spams, providing nothing in the way of content, only a link to yet another "gimme-$$$$" offering. This has been discussed, here, more than once, yet it continues, to the point of becoming tedious. Is LXer rapidly becoming jes a shameless shill for Linux U&D? It certainly appears so.

Aug 02, 2014
1:08 PM EDT
I will ask again, if you're NOT Bob, who the hell are you.

Whatever your identity we have heard time and again you are super reluctant to part with your cash or even your loose change so your post is redundant in that respect.

So please inform me where the sole service supposedly to be rendered by LXer is the one your prescribe. Others have wider interests than you. Spam bots deposits are full of links to dubious entities and they tend not to reveal themselves, however, they certainly want you money or your machine. The post you object to falls into advertising realm though it contains potentially useful information about a new product. I have seen many shorter "stories" of similar nature that had nearly nil content. Nonetheless, while I had zero interest I did not presume all others must not be allowed to "waste" their time as I had.

In conclusion, the post certainly falls into the advertising realm or what others would be P.R. gambit. However, if this outfit delivers, it's knowledge and of interest to some here. It is certainly your choice not to partake, but your criteria is not the standard by which all others here must conform. Thus, if you really do not like it, skip or if you mistakenly trip across it post your warning. However, given your adamant dislike for so many things, I wonder if more traffic might be diverted to the site to view and judge for themselves.

As always,


Aug 02, 2014
2:48 PM EDT
> It is certainly your choice not to partake....

Well gee, thank you for pointing out what even ignorant ol' me is quite aware of.

Silly me. I was obviously laboring under the delusion that LXer was a news outlet for Linux, as the subtitle --Linux News-- simply states. And so it seemed when I stumbled across it several yrs ago. But, apparently, it's also evolving into a clearing house for any spammer that can make a case --no matter by what fantasy one cares to drag up-- that ancient castles and Samurai knights and paying money to see them are somehow relevant to the subject of Linux.

I guess I am jes lacking in your astonishing ability to make such a far-fetched and improbable connection, no doubt due to my inability to find splashy over-sized cartoon graphics more enlightening than some hinky text-based source like Wikipedia. ;)


Aug 02, 2014
4:28 PM EDT
"Travel-sized, packed full of gorgeous artwork and also supporting Key Stage 2 learning, the new How It Works Illustrated launches today for just £6.99. "

Key stage 2 is for children aged 7 to 11.

It's a great pity that some adults think that LXer; Linux News needs to tell anyone about non-linux, childrens' stuff.

"each issue will look at a single, high-interest topic in depth, such as Ancient Rome or Dinosaurs. "

Great. I'll look forward to that then. Not.

"Story Type: News Story; Groups: Developer, GNU, Linux"???

Aug 03, 2014
1:02 AM EDT
After looking into this I have removed the article from the newswire. I am sorry that I did not look into this sooner. Again, I am sorry.

Aug 03, 2014
7:20 PM EDT
And yet, as I type this, there's an article about Edward Snowden on the front page. Should it also be deep-sixed?

Aug 03, 2014
8:15 PM EDT
Quoting:there's an article about Edward Snowden on the front page

Erm, isn't security a Linux issue?

Aug 04, 2014
9:10 AM EDT
> there's an article about Edward Snowden

There MAY be an article about Linux in the Wall Street Journal, next month. On that off-hand chance, do we wanna start posting links to the WSJ subscription dept!? Spam is spam and four LXer regulars were alert enough to see it for what it is and comment on it.

Thank you, Scott Ruecker, for deleting this egregious post. ;)

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