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Story: Open-source developers targeted in sophisticated malware attackTotal Replies: 3
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Mar 31, 2017
8:07 AM EDT
From the article: "The emails had .gz attachments that contained Word documents with malicious macro code attached. If allowed to execute, the macro code executed a PowerShell script..."

So it only affects users of Windows systems.

Mar 31, 2017
1:22 PM EDT
> There is even a self-destruct module that wipes all files from the system drive in order to destroy traces of the malware's presence.

The malware is supposed to operate in userspace, how can it wipe a system drive ? Is there some kind of different reasoning in the Windows world ?

Mar 31, 2017
5:09 PM EDT
> Is there some kind of different reasoning in the Windows world ?

I believe the first created user in Windows 7 still has admin rights. If I'm incorrect, I'm sure someone will say so. I can't speak for Windows 8-10.

Apr 03, 2017
12:46 PM EDT
I'm used to Windows 7 Pro in a domain environment, so I'm a little rusty with Windows 7 otherwise. However, I believe that the initially created user has administrative rights, but in a Windows UAC environment. So they have admin rights, but they have to OK everything that requires admin rights. Of course, the typical non-technical Windows user just seems to consider this a formality. When they see a UAC dialog box they blindly say "Yes."

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