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Story: Today's bonkers bug report: Microsoft Edge can't print numbersTotal Replies: 0
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May 08, 2017
1:39 PM EDT
It's possible that this error is a result of having various fonts installed or not installed or some other such random problem.

PDF is not really standard... per se...

I would be interested in finding out if the MS Edge print-to-pdf function allows the creation of PDF1/A. This version is standard and is used for archival purposes. Thus the 'A' ... otherwise the problem may or may not be directly related to Edge.

I don't really know, or care so much. I haven't used MS software for a long time.

However, I have noticed that certain PDFs display correctly on my GNU/Linux machine, but print out incorrectly on my PS printer. I also noticed that this misprinting problem is directly due to incompatibilities of the PDF version and the printer capabilities. The fix was simply to resave the PDF using a different PDF version...

I have no way to verify what actually happened with this particular Edge user, but the PDF documents uploaded to the bug report are indeed different PDF versions. The Edge created one shows PDF 1.7 and the 'original' document shows as PDF 1.6... and generated via ghostscript too!

On original document:
  • Producer: GPL Ghostscript 8.15
  • Format: PDF-1.6

On Edge document:
  • Producer: Microsoft: Print To PDF
  • Format: PDF-1.7

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