Just over a yr before Ian's passing..

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Jun 18, 2017
11:02 PM EDT
Not saying that these facts are somehow related ......

> Debian 9 is dedicated to the project's founder Ian Murdock, who passed away on 28 December 2015.

"Bruce Perens ( 3872 ) <bruce@perens.com> on Monday October 20, 2014 Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork - Slashdot", https://linux.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=5852295&cid=48188...

Again, not DEFINITELY saying that these facts are somehow related!


Jun 19, 2017
8:25 AM EDT
Surely you're not thinking it might be possible that maybe there could be some NSA access code in systemd. I mean, that's just crazy.

And I'm sure the government would never consider taking someone out and making it look like an accident, just for refusing to do their bidding.

Jun 19, 2017
8:32 AM EDT
I thought he was being very careful not to insinuate any such thing. :)

But seriously, in a day and age where 90% of what the mainstream media puts out is to push a narrative or even flat out lies and you have to go to sites that used to be considered fringe or kook sites to get real news, when the NSA is monitoring every electronic communication made, and formerly responsible people are flat out advocating the overthrow of the existing US government; what can you accept at face value?

Jun 19, 2017
8:52 AM EDT
> what can you accept at face value?

Not much anymore. Good points. At least a growing (I think majority now) are awake to the mainstream state media propaganda, and the extent of the erosion of our rights that accelerated after 9/11. Trading liberty for false safety was a bad deal.

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