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Jul 19, 2017
1:14 PM EDT

A long time ago, I remember needing to add the DOD root certs as well since they were not distributed with either FF or Debian.

A smart card reader is also a handy thing to have if you wish to use an OpenPGP card.

Unfortunately the recent increased attack on user controlled crypto has lead to significant barriers if one wishes to obtain crypto smart cards: wrote:

Hash: SHA256

As a result of the uncertainty of the current political moment, SIGILANCE has ceased the production and shipping of cryptographic smart cards. This action is taken freely, voluntarily and without duress. As of this date (31 January 2017), neither I nor my company have been subject to any warrant, national security letter or law enforcement request. To the best of my knowledge, no security flaw exists in the software running on shipped cards, and they remain safe to use; I am signing this message with mine.

The code running on all existing SIGILANCE cards remains posted on GitHub at the following link:

Alternate sources for OpenPGP-compatible hardware are listed below:

OpenPGP Smart Card v2.1 (contact-only, up to 4096-bit keys)

Yubikey NEO (NFC and USB interface, up to 2048-bit keys)

Yubikey 4 (USB-only, up to 4096-bit keys)

Fidesmo Card with Privacy Features (NFC-only)

Joey Castillo OpenPGP key fingerprint: 77C8 FBE4 0A6C 85C3 075B 0F90 61CA 2CC3 FE94 8CC3 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2

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