Too much tracking scripts

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Sep 19, 2017
3:26 AM EDT
Great article on text-editor alternatives on the X desktop, but the comments section that follows it seem to be overly tracking-scripts encumbered.

The excessive tracking probably can't be influenced to go away by author Nesbitt, but still, it's something that ppl might want to be aware of when visiting (or AVOIDING) the comments sections of future articles.


Sep 19, 2017
6:11 AM EDT
That's a good point flufferbeer, tracking scripts are annoying.

In my case I use a script blocker (NoScript) and adopt the policy of blocking all scripts except for those which I specifically permit. Usually I permit scripts from the primary site itself, but not too many scripts from secondary sites. This approach works well for me on all sites and with it I can visit any site without fear of a script surprise.

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