Is this REALLY so objective?

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Oct 26, 2018
11:04 AM EDT
To give poster damien and/or the editors the benefit here, maybe they just ACCIDENTALLY omitted that the group category *should've* also included M$. OTOH, if damien somehow INTENTIONALLY omtted the appropriate Micro$ucks category, then maybe the article is aimed squarely at Linux users and isNOT so "objective" after all!


Oct 26, 2018
12:35 PM EDT
Hmm, I think I'm going to agree with you flufferbeer. I'm not sure about the accuracy of this review.

Looking at the "Compatibility" category, the author states "Windows shoots and scores. Here is where the Redmond offering wipes the floor with Linux. Despite recent improvements in software being ported or developed to Linux, Windows is still the king."

Well my experience is quite the opposite. Linux attempts to support ALL protocols, while Microsoft tries to exclude support for things not Microsoft. Take file system support for example. MS supports FAT and NTFS. Linux supports FAT and NTFS and then goes on to support ext4, btrfs, jfs, xfs,... So what we have is that MS has good compatibility with itself, but a really bad reputation on compatibility with the rest of the world.

In my opinion, an objective comparison would have listed compatibility categories and would have shown windows compliance and linux compliance category by category. Instead, the author simply asserts that "Windows is still the king" with no justification for such a wild statement.

Look also at the "Security" category. Here the author defends Windows on the basis of its popularity. To me the proof is in the results. I would have prefered to see in this section some concrete statistics like, how many viruses exist in the Windows world and how many viruses exist in the Linux world (I've never seen a linux virus, have you?). In the MS world, virus infections are so common that a big industry has grown and flourishes around MS damage control.

So flufferbeer, you are right. This story is obviously biased in a direction so as to paint windows in a better light than it deserves.

Oct 26, 2018
1:04 PM EDT
The story is not objective towards either operating system. It ignores too many elements found in both.

If I were grading this story, I would have to give it: incomplete. There's not enough information given for the author to draw a logical conclusion.

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